Tips for a Quick Home Sale

So you need to sell your house, what are the options for a quick home sale? There are a lot of ways to go about this process, and hiring an agent is a must. But before you even get started you can be aware of what you might have in store, so you can ensure the sale goes as smoothly, and maybe as quickly, as possible. Here are some tips to get started with the process.

Hire an expert

Usually, when you’re buying a house, you’d hire an expert to complete a Home Inspection. In this case, when you are ready to sell, the expert you would hire is a real estate agent. You could hire an inspector too, just to ensure your home is sound enough to sell. An estate agent will serve as the main point of contact for both you and potential buyers by scheduling showings, crafting your listing, and marketing your property. But if time is of the essence, not just any agent will do, you want someone who has experience selling homes in your area, who knows the market and has a track record of selling quickly. Before you pick someone, ask them about their sales history to get an idea of how the sales went for homes that are comparable to yours. Picking this person is important because they will be your guide for a quick home sale.

Do your research when setting the list price

How you price your home can make a big difference in how quickly it sells. There is a sweet spot that will take into account the prices of comparable properties in the area. A home listed according to market value may create a bidding war and could receive an offer that’s at, close to, or even higher than the price the home is listed for. A CMA, or comparative market analysis, considers 10 properties that are comparable to determine a home’s value. A CMA can help you get a sense of whether your home is reasonably priced for the market. A net proceeds calculator is another tool to help you determine the value of your home.

Make basic updates

A home that is move-in ready is your best bet to sell quickly. Whether your home is vacant or you are still living in it, you’ll want to make sure that basic areas of your home are updated, giving a buyer a clean slate that is move-in ready. Some of the areas to focus on are replacing carpets, putting fresh paint on the walls, updating appliances, replacing light fixtures, and looking for somewhere similar to this Stafford window replacement company so any outdated and broken windows and doors can be replaced, as well as possibly hiring a landscaper to get your weeds and grass in check. A deep clean is another must, including windows, ceilings, floors, and crown molding. Also, hiring services like Pest Control Experts ( to ensure that there are no undetected pests living within your home is vital to ensure that you find a buyer quickly. After all, would you like to move into a house with creepy crawlies everywhere?

Another way to attract buyers is by installing a good HVAC system. People might prefer to buy a house that has all the appliances in place so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of investing in air conditioning and heating systems. This is particularly important if the house is situated in a mild climate. Installing a Goodman AC or other similar equipment could help the buyer choose your house over one that hasn’t made significant investment or renovations.

Create an online listing

We are in the era of virtual everything from yoga classes to work meetings, and real estate is entering that mix too. Having a virtual listing is a necessary part of selling a home in 2021, and as social distancing continues, virtual open houses are also happening. That means to sell your home fast, you want to take your marketing online. Your agent will assist with this, but you can get ahead by thinking about getting your home ready to photograph after you’ve updated the basics.

Consider selling for cash

Some agents say that to sell quickly, cash offers are always best, but they might be lower offers than what you would get from a buyer financing a home through a loan. Before deciding to go with a cash buyer, you’ll want to consider all of your options, knowing about the different types of cash buyers and the potential timelines. Among the different types of “direct” buyers that exist, you have buy-and-hold investors that purchase rental properties; fix-and-flippers that renovate tear-downs at scale for a profit; and high-tech, venture capital-backed companies called iBuyers.

Doing your homework and hiring a professional will help you sell your home as soon as possible. Having a clear goal in mind about your ideal timeline can help you decide who your target buyer is and the steps you need to take to find them.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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