Readers’ Insurance Q&A

In an extension of our interactive feature which covers everything from discussing the best mobile casinos to topics such as arbitrage, this week we address specific questions about insurance, as sent in by some of our regular readers.

Q: Is there a period in the month when we can set up our family healthcare coverage?

A: There is a certain window every month, as long as your primary coverage applies. The exact window is determined by the dates listed on the pay as you go or pay as you go plans.

In this situation, you can avoid paying a lot of money every month and incur a massive premium in a year or less. There is usually a 20-day period in between each of the months to plan and then be set for the next month. You will have to take this into consideration for the exact timing.

Q: I have health insurance now. Can I set it up using the Marketplace website?

A: The Marketplace allows you to purchase any qualified health insurance coverage through

At this point, you are not eligible to be enrolled on the Marketplace, but you can still enroll on the Marketplace through

Q: What can I do with my current insurance?

A: The insurance you are receiving now will continue. You can keep paying the premiums until you have qualified coverage through or through an employer.

Q: I don’t want to pay any more money for health insurance in a year. Can I get one of those healthcare insurance plans you have been offering?

A: You cannot buy an insurance plan if you are not eligible to be enrolled on the Marketplace.

Q: I would like to pay for healthcare but can’t. Can I set up a special plan using my employer’s health insurance?

A: You cannot pay for healthcare under an employer’s plan. You will need to continue paying the premiums under the employer plan.

Q: Should I take it on the road or take a plane ride to get the best deals?

A: The insurance purchased through is often available for premiums much lower than the insurance you would obtain at an airline, hotel or car rental agency. Take advantage of these deals and lower your healthcare costs in a year or less.

Q: I want to pay for healthcare, but I cannot afford to buy any insurance and am forced to pay a massive tax penalty on my taxes. Is this true for all plans?

A: No, this is not true for every plan, especially plans on the Marketplace. You can find cheaper coverage from

Q: I have medical bills, but am not worried about paying them. Can I set up a health savings account to take care of my healthcare?

A: There is no need to pay for healthcare.

In fact, you should not use health insurance at all and let it just sit on your credit report. You can pay for healthcare through your HSA by setting up automatic contributions to pay the premiums and you can pay for your healthcare through the HSA for a couple of years.

Q: I need health insurance, but I am unemployed. Can I get healthcare coverage and pay a smaller penalty on my taxes than for health insurance I can buy without the penalty?

A: No. You will pay a huge penalty on taxes and get much smaller tax deductions for healthcare than if you were working and paying taxes on your.

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