Wise Investments

You don’t need a ridiculous amount of money to start making some smart investments, all it take a little starting capital to be able to start watching your money grow. There are a few ways to make some investments with less than £100. I’m going to tell you my favourites. Once you start seeing growth with these baby investments, you can start moving on to bigger and better things.


Savings Accounts

Although the banking market isn’t great right now, interest rates are only just on the rise after being the lowest they’ve ever been. However, if you don’t have the money to make some serious investments, then a savings account is a great start point for building a little revenue over a lot of years. Sure, it’s the long game, but depending on your situation, this may be your only option.

Maybe it’s not the money you get from interest rates that you need. If you don’t have an emergency fund, or any savings whatsoever, the savings account can be an investment for your future.


You are your greatest asset. Bettering yourself and learning new skills can open up a gateway to new career opportunities or second jobs for more money. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn photography, there’s loads of online courses that will cost you less than £100, and once you’re good enough, you can start selling photos or licensing them for stock photos for royalties.

Refurbish Items

Also known as ‘flipping’ and only an investment when you know what you’re doing. The premise is simple: buy something second-hand that doesn’t work, fix it, and sell it on for profit. It’s small profit, but if you do it often enough it can make a nice little addition to your income.

Your Business

As the age old saying goes: You need to spend money to make money. Putting any extra money you making back into your business can help you to grow and develop and in time earn more over an amount of time. It may not be immediate, but any money that you put into your business cn only be a good thing, it will never be wasted.

Consider new programmes, upgrades, refurbs, new equipment. All of these can help you to expand and better your business.

Emergency Fund

The best way for you to invest a little bit of money is to put it in your emergency fund. It’s not an immediately obvious investment, but it can be an investment for your future security. If you get a large expense and nothing to fall back on… well, you’re going to have a bad time. If you have a spare £100 and don’t know where to put it, start or grow your emergency fund.


Just like my advice on what you should invest £100 in, here’s my advice on what you 100% SHOULDN’T put your money towards. These are fake investments with bad returns or just plain old scams. Be very wary of stepping anywhere near these and avoid at all costs if possible

Multi-Level Marketing

Often referred to as pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing is not an investment opportunity, it is you buying products or services and attempting to sell them on. You are not running your own business and you are not helping people. Don’t do it.


Gambling and betting are great, it can be a lot of fun as long as you stay on the safe side of things. F you have an extra £100 and want to make some money with it, don’t think of gambling or playing the lottery as a chance to make a quick quid. Like I said, it can be a lot of fun, but that’s all it is. Don’t see gambling as an investment of any kind.

Family Loans

If you have a spare £100 and someone asks for it, saying they’ll pay you back with interest, this can sound like an ideal situation. But is it really? It’s a tough situation and can destroy relationships if the arrangement doesn’t go as planned. It doesn’t happen in all cases, but the emotional and personal risk is too high. If you genuinely just want to help a loved one, give the money as a gift, with no expectations.