What does tourer insurance cover?

Given that luxury touring caravans can now easily cost in excess of £30,000, touring caravan insurance might one day prove to be invaluable in helping you to recover from the financial consequences of a problem that affects your caravan.

In what follows, the typical components of touring caravan insurance will be examined and explained.

Your caravan

The bulk of the cover typically relates to problems that might put your caravan at risk in full or part. That typically includes things such as a range of “perils”, as specified by your policy (perhaps including things such as theft, weather damage, fire and so on – but check your policy’s details to be sure you know what’s covered).

It’s worth noting though that in cases of total loss or destruction, not all policies necessarily offer the same degree of protection.

For example, some policies might only offer “new for old” caravan replacement for vehicles up to two years old or perhaps five if you have been the sole owner since new. By contrast, others may offer new for old touring caravan insurance for up to five years, irrespective of how many previous owners there might have been.

It’s worth checking.

Third party liability

The second general category of cover is that of third party liability – something that is sometimes given insufficient attention by policyholders.

This type of cover basically offers you a degree of financial protection in circumstances where you have been successfully sued for compensation by a third party who has suffered either personal injury or damage to their property, as a result of your touring caravan.

Although you must double-check your car’s insurance policy to be certain, typically your car’s cover will include protection for third party liabilities in circumstances where your caravan is being towed and causes damage to someone or their property.  However, the moment your caravan is unhitched, typically your car’s third party liability protection covering it will cease.

That means that if someone is injured as a result of your caravan when it is on its pitch in a caravan site, then your car’s insurance typically won’t cover it or you.  That is why having your own form of third party liability cover is important and is something also to look for within your touring caravan insurance policy.

In passing, it is worth bearing in mind that some sites may require sight of your third party insurance cover as part of their admission processes.  That is not them intruding into your private affairs but instead simply a case of them meeting their own legal obligations to provide a safe and insured site for all users.

Not all caravan sites may request evidence of such cover but some will.


It might be sensible to regard touring caravan insurance as being essential.

However, there really are very significant differences between not only the prices but far more importantly, the cover provided by such policies.  It’s advisable to not rush into purchasing the cheapest policy you can find but instead to spend a little quality time in comparing the details of the protection being offered.

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