Mobility Scooter Tax, Registration and Insurance

If you are thinking of buying a mobility scooter but want to know if you’ll need to tax, register and insure your scooter, look no further. Here are frequently asked questions and the answers for them. 

Do you need to pay tax for a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair?

The answer is no. One great benefit from owning a mobility scooter is that you do not need to pay tax to use them on the road or pavements!

Do I need to register my mobility scooter?

You need to register class 3 invalid carriages.

To register a class 3 invalid carriage, complete the V55/4 form for new vehicles or the V55/4 form for used vehicles. Find these forms on the DVLA’s online ordering service.

After you have filled in the correct form, send it in to this address:

DVLA Swansea

SA99 1BE

Can’t I license my class 3 invalid carriage online or at a Post Office?

Unfortunately the only way to register your mobility scooter is via the above method. You cannot register it online or at a Post Office.

Shall I get insurance for my mobility scooter?

Unlike many road vehicles, it is not necessary to insure your mobility scooter. That being said, it is recommended that you get insurance in order to protect your mobility scooter from and damage and theft.

Do I Need a driving licence to buy and drive a mobility scooter?

No, you do not need a driving licence, so buy and drive on without needing to worry.

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