How to be the Star of Your Next Business Trade Show

When it comes to trade show displays, you don’t just want potential customers to notice you and make a few sales — you want to be the star of the show!

Having a trade show display that really stands out from the crowd is possible even on a budget; you just have to be smart about it. Here are a few ideas of things you can do to draw attention to your display and maximize the value of your trade show presence.

Have a Great Display

This probably seems obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing. A smartly put-together booth with great graphic design that clearly showcases your product is the bare minimum you need to have success at a trade show. If you want to really stand out, then you need to put a lot of thought and effort into your display, and be willing to invest in its design. Experts like the ones at ExpoMarketing, who have years of experience in the industry with making customized trade show displays for all kinds of businesses, are going to be your best friend here.

Offer a Unique Giveaway

Pencils, bags, and mugs are a dime a dozen at trade shows. You should certainly have these things to give away, but consider having something quirky or unique, something that will make attendees tell each other, “Hey, you have to see what they’re giving away.” If it’s something that somehow ties thematically into your product or the name of your company, so much the better.

Have Something Extra

At big business trade shows, it’s not always enough just to have a great product and a well-designed display, because everyone has those things. So anything you can do that’s extra to draw people to your booth and keep buzz going is an asset. An exciting raffle or contest or an eye-catching interactive demo are great ways to do this; they’re exactly the kind of thing attendees will tell each other about, and that’s what makes you stand out.

Know Your Enemy

That is to say, you have to know what the competition is bringing to the table. Before even arriving at the trade show, learn as much as you can about what other companies are doing with their displays. Pay special attention to the big names in your industry that are going to be there, as well as the companies exhibiting near your own display. Try to come up with something that will both help you stand out from those around you, and put you into the same category of buzz as those bigger names.

Have a Message People Want to Talk About

The word “buzz” keeps coming up, because generating buzz among trade show attendees is ultimately the way you stand out. Have a marketing message, slogan, or pitch that’s more than just “our product is the best” (even though you know it is). Something catchy, memorable, humorous, or just a little bit different from the norm will give attendees something they want to tell others about, and that’s going to drive traffic to your display and, if everything else is on point, sales to your company.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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