Dissecting an Interesting Sports Betting Strategy Based on Sports Insurance

If you’re in any way acquainted with the best practices to be implemented with regards to the segmentation of your finances, you will probably have entertained the prospect of sports betting as part of that segment of your investment budget allocated to the higher risk investments. To the seasoned sports bettor however, a kind of science behind sports betting tends to reveal itself, with odds-analysis techniques and betting strategies bearing the ability to have you shifting sports betting into the medium-risk investments bracket as opposed to leaving it in its default category of higher risk investments.

One of these strategies is a very interesting one in the form of the bettor analysing the insurance industry involved in sports. Basically the sports insurance industry is used as a yard-stick with which to measure the odds of the outcomes, and when perfected this strategy yields surprisingly good and consistent results.

Insurers “Bet” Safely

Based on how the typical insurance company operates, it’s common knowledge that insurers use the money they collect from their premium-paying clients and then put that money into what are pretty much “non-lose” investments. In other words an insurance company – well an insurance company which stays in business never makes a loss, but rather incrementally makes profits, whether they put that money into hedged stock market bets or if they go into sports sponsorship.

This is where the sports betting strategy emerges – the sports bettor follows the money trail as it is set in motion by the insurance industry, with specific reference to sports, of course. So they select teams which they think are going to rack up more wins than losses based on which teams the insurance companies are scrambling to invest their money with, like how AIG sponsored Manchester United for a while and how a certain insurance company underwrote the insurance of Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet for an amount close to what Real Madrid FC paid to acquire his services.

So the sports bettor who uses this strategy will simply follow suit and place his bets on these teams and players effectively “anointed” by the insurance companies.

It’s a surprisingly effective strategy, but only if applied with more of a long-term view, but there are only a few online betting platforms which allow different types of betting wagers, such as the different William Hill online betting offers.

William Hill online betting offers

At William Hill for example, you can perhaps choose to put money down on a long-term wager, such as the outcome of a sporting event or even a single match which is still quite some way away, instead of betting traditionally through something like wagering on the live games currently in play. This means that just like the bettor who uses insurance company patronage as an indicator for teams to put long-term bets on, you could perhaps repeatedly choose a set of teams which you believe are going to win more of the games they play than those they lose, stick with those teams throughout the whole season and then enjoy some winnings which are almost guaranteed to come your way.

No betting strategy is cast in iron though, but this one sure comes very close to being rock-solid.

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