Online Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Thanks to the Internet, the digital landscape has become the best platform for young entrepreneurs to jumpstart their career and make a difference. For some, it’s as easy as finding a gap in the market and taking advantage of it by providing a service or a product to fill it in. While for others, it’s attempting to penetrate a market with a lot of competition.

However, a significant number of people starting an online business fail because of certain decisions which are otherwise avoidable. Little mistakes borne from underestimating the value of analytics to not knowing the voice of the customer.

To improve your chances of success, avoid these common mistakes when starting and managing an online business.

Thinking website builders are inferior

A lot of new website owners feel that website builders don’t offer them a lot of room in terms of uniqueness and creativity. But remember that templates offered by Internet registrars like the website builder from Australian domain registrar called Crazy Domains, are customisable.

You can easily drag and drop, upload photos, and change up the colours of the template. What’s more is these templates are mostly search engine optimised and mobile adaptive, two things Google wants.

Not having a full-proof plan

While you don’t need a 20 pages of a business plan when starting an online business, you still need to have some sort of outline. This should include what gap in the market you’re addressing, the customers you’re targeting, the overall voice of your content, and the budget.

Skipping on learning the customer’s voice

Most who are new to business often skip learning about their customer’s voice, and there’s a big reason it should be included in your plan: connection. If you can’t connect with your customers, not able to use their tone of voice and language, you’re going to suffer from a confused business identity.

Making products cheaper than they should be

Another big mistake is undervaluing the products being sold. This is a tactic used by new entrepreneurs to get people’s attention, thinking that they can just adjust it in the future. Don’t do this.

Instead, sell it for a price that it should be so you can make a profit. And while it’s fine to adjust price points in the future, just make sure that you’ve not set the bar too low so that if prices do go high, it isn’t too surprising. Besides, if you’re going to offer a discount, the sale is going to be more obious.

Opening too many social media sites

The most important page to have is a website. After creating one, it’s just a matter of creating and publishing unique and relevant content. However, social media is imperative to reach customers who rely on it for product recommendations.

In this regard, you can just choose at least two social media sites so that you’re not spread too thin. Facebook definitely should be one of your networks. Depending on what you’re offering, you can choose Twitter or Pinterest if you’re image heavy.

Finally, do a lot of research on digital marketing and the strategies you can execute to make your page number one. But keep in mind that the key to learning which works for your online business is through testing. Your decisions will then be based on reliable information if you can take the time to test out features and strategies on your customers.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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