6 Home Repairs You Can Warranty

Investing into your home is a great way to build the value of your property, but it’s also extremely expensive. Since the upgrades and work are going to cost you a pretty penny, wouldn’t it be nice to make sure it’s covered?

You shouldn’t have to worry about your repairs and upgrades, and that why it’s so important to find services and products with warranties. Having a warranty on your side gives you the piece of mind of a wrong being set right again. They help you find comfort in the initial purchase, and support down the road. Warranties that are worry free go hand-in-hand with smart investing.

To help you understand more about the warranties you can find for repairs and upgrades on you home, we put together 7 smart investments for your home that can also be warrantied.

1. Roofs

The first line of defense against the elements is your roof, so you need to make sure it’s strong and sturdy above your head. That means you need to keep an eye out for lose shingles, missing shingles, drips, drops, and flat out holes in your roof. Getting a roof replaced or repaired is expensive, but when you use places like Hearth, you can make it more affordable. They help you connect with the right contractors and finance your project, so you can get the roof above your head as fast as possible. They are sure to help you find amazing roof repairs that are covered under warranty, too. After all, it’s their money in that pot, too.

2. Plumbing

The drains inside and outside the home tend to clog over time, especially when they haven’t been properly tended to. This leads to backups and spillover from your drains, and that can result in worse problems like foundation damage or people getting sick in your home. When you are working with the plumbing services, make sure they take the time to clear all the pipes, inside and out. You want to make sure there isn’t an issue when it comes to proper drainage for your home.

3. Mold Removal

Mold is just like body rust on a car, there is no real way to guarantee that it will be gone even when removed. That being said, if they aren’t willing to come back and warranty the work for the mold removal should it show up again in the same area, you might want to go find another mold removal company to work with. If you don’t, and the mold comes back, it’s going to be on you to get it removed again, and with the topic of toxic black mold on the rise, you are going to have to get it removed to even sell it.

With that being said, not all mold is toxic, and it’s a pretty typical thing to find in a house from time to time. Due to this fact, make sure you are staying on top of leaks and wall stains because it loves to build up there.

4. Appliance Repair

Sometimes appliances break. Maybe you have baked too many loaves, washed too many dishes, or accidently put metal in the microwave one too many times, but you don’t see the need to get a brand new appliance. This is where repairs can, sometimes, save the day.

Repairing your old appliances through a contractor or repair center normally means you get a warranty. Should the washer break again in the next few months, you’re covered with that warranty.

5. Flooring

Flooring is a big one, especially when you are repairing or leveling a floor for structural integrity. Since the floor is typically tied to the foundation, it’s vital for the health of your home to get these repairs done, as a sagging floor can lead to sagging walls and potential cave ins.

On a less severe note, getting your tiles redone can come with a warranty too.

6. Electrical Work

In today’s modern work, the old two prong plugs of the past are simply a hazard waiting to happen. Non-grounded outlets can lead to fires from simple power surge because they don’t redirect the overpower into the ground. If you still have two pronged outlets, it’s time to look into an upgrade for safety reasons.

Though it’s a relatively easy job to tackle on your own, the warranty and peace of mind is what makes paying someone else worth it, especially if this is the first time you have tried to tackle it.


Warranties are the piece of mind factor, and you can get them on tons of different different household investments and repairs. Whether it’s being replaced or repaired, make sure it comes with a warranty. The peace of mind is worth the extra little on investment.

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