3 Video Marketing Mistakes You Mustn’t Make in 2018

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There is no doubt that video marketing will be a key digital marketing instrument in 2018. If the trends from 2017 were any indication, audiences are more engaged when consuming video content. It is also worth noting that videos are very effective in delivering complex messages in a streamlined way.

More and more brands are using video marketing for different purposes. While video marketing itself is very similar to content marketing, there are common mistakes still made by brands and corporations. To stay ahead of the competition, here are the three video marketing mistakes you must not make in 2018.

Poor Production Value

Content is still king, but delivering that content in a pleasant, well-designed way is also a must in video marketing. It used to be okay to focus more on content rather than the production value of the videos, but those days are long gone.

Video production is more accessible than ever. Producing high-quality videos isn’t as difficult as it used to be, which is why there is no reason to neglect production values today. On top of that, you have agencies and production companies such as Spiel Productions offering their services at stunning rates.

Good production value separates your videos from the rest. The audience loves to be wowed and the best way to capture their attention is by showing great visuals from the start. Now that you only have 5-8 seconds to get the audience interested before they move on to another video, the production value is indeed important.

Bad Audio Quality

When doing video marketing, you must never forget about audio quality. Clear dialogue, layered background noises, and good overall ambience are elements capable of elevating your video content to the next level.

On the other hand, having stunning visuals with poor audio will only turn the audience off. There is no point in putting so much effort into producing a great video when the audience cannot hear what you’re trying to say.

There is another thing to understand about audio, and that is the audience’s tendencies to multitask. When you have great audio alongside your stunning visuals, you will also have listeners; this is the kind of audience that listens to your videos in the background while doing something else.

Making It (Only) About Your Product

Just like content marketing, video marketing is more about delivering valuable content to the audience rather than promoting your products and services. The product advantages and various promotional offers you have in store should be reserved for a product overview video or an explainer video.

Make your video marketing content about tutorials, valuable industry insights, and compelling stories that the audience can follow. The latter also helps you grow a loyal audience base and increases your video marketing reach (and impact) exponentially.

These are seemingly easy mistakes to avoid, but they are mistakes that many still make today. To excel in doing video marketing and create the biggest impression through high-quality videos, make sure you do what it takes to avoid making these mistakes.

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