Will a Cell Tower Devalue Your Property?

The rise of mobile phone usage has led to an increase in the number of cell towers across the country. As well as appearing on city landscapes, cell towers are becoming a common feature in rural areas, residential enclaves, and suburban neighborhoods.

However, the impact of having a cell tower situated nearby can be worrying for property owners. While many people assume that local cell towers will guarantee good cell service and nothing more, the reality is quite different.

How Are Property Prices Affected?

When people purchase a property, they aren’t just buying the bricks and mortar. The surroundings, landscape and view can enrich or detract from the property and will, therefore, affect its value. As cell towers are large, cumbersome and unmissable, they undoubtedly have an impact on the surroundings of nearby properties. Despite the mixed views over the financial impact cell towers can have on property prices, it’s no secret that they can put a lot of buyers off, simply due to their less than charming appearance.

However, it’s not just the visual impact of cell towers that can affect property values and sales. The perceived health impact associated with cell towers can also make your property a less attractive proposition for potential buyers. A survey by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) found that 94% of buyers would have less interest in a property located near a cell tower. If you want to learn more about cell tower litigation, companies such as Telecom Law Firm can counsel you on premeditated approaches to protect public health and safety. However, it is important to note that this firm does not litigate for landowners who are unhappy about their property values are going down.

What Can You Gain by Having a Cell Tower on Your Property?

Homeowners invest their life savings when they buy a home, so anything which devalues it can be devastating. However, the good news is that if your property includes the installation of cell towers, your value can actually improve. When you allow a cell tower on your property, you will either collect rent or get a lump sum payment for the right to use your property, making cell towers an economic boost for landowners.

Cell tower lease agreements can last for up to 90 years, so if you’re thinking about signing a cell tower lease for your property, make sure you get a long lease with fair annual increases. That income could support your future investments, and keep an income flowing in.

With expert assistance from specialist attorneys, you can learn more about how cell towers can benefit your home’s value. As technology develops, it gives rise to new areas of law. Of course, the constant evolution of technology means that the law is continually expanding to regulate new areas.

Preventing Cell Tower Installation

If you are still firmly against cell towers and want to prevent a cell tower from being erected near or on your property, you can take action by consulting a specialist attorney before anything becomes set in stone. As telecommunications infrastructure law is a rapidly growing area, new precedents are being set all the time. If the threat of cell tower installation is causing you concern, it’s certainly worth consulting a specialist attorney for their expert advice. With their professional assistance, you can determine what your rights are and identify viable ways of protecting your home, as well as your investment.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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