Why Small Businesses are the Backbone of a Thriving Economy

Unless it’s a communist country we’re talking about where there is some kind of authoritarianism going on or outright dictatorship, governments which rule over a free market system are generally very supportive of small businesses which are started by entrepreneurs with a vision. This is because these small businesses are indeed the backbone of any thriving economy, with the success-story equivalent mirrored in communism being that of the concentration of power also paying special attention trying to uplift small businesses.

But what exactly makes small businesses pull economies forward and make them thrive though? A number of factors come to light. In some communist countries the results are perhaps not as “open” and objective as they might be if the goods or services commissioned by the government were under the practised strict control, but still, there are many advantages to a focus on building up small businesses and giving them the best chance to thrive.

The creation of jobs

It’s not rocket-science – every small business that realises some kind of success will usually pull up to five or more people out of the grips of poverty and offer them employment. Jobs were created where none seemed to be forthcoming and that takes a lot of the burden off of the shoulders of the government.

The hiring structure of a small business has a lot of its effectiveness in the manner through which it would typically hire staff, usually hiring from in and around its community. You can’t get any better than that by way of making sure everybody who forms part of the operations will pull their weight to make sure the business succeeds.

Stimulation of the economy

When more jobs are created more money flows and changes hands, which is all any economy needs really to go down as one which is thriving. It’s when money doesn’t move when problems start to flare up, so small businesses by mere virtue of their operation contribute greatly to the stimulation of the economy.

The creation of a positive climate for business talent development

If the people who serve a country as the government had all the business management skills required to make this approach work, they would be the ones in charge of the hiring of staff and allocating of tasks in addition to designing projects and overseeing them. They aren’t though and so that’s why it’s important for entrepreneur at ground-level to be the ones who take the reins and seek to forge a path for the enterprise they want to push.

Their version of Google will perhaps never quite be Google because of all the thorough censorship that happens, but China is an example of how this is pushed in a communist economic environment. In a capitalist economy this focus on small business development would be pushed via something like providing funding for promising ideas of small businesses or just providing the necessary tools to help develop these ideas. The ideas themselves are up to the founders.

But otherwise small businesses are indeed the backbone of any thriving economy.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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