Why are some businesses still opting for plastic bags over paper ones?

It is beyond doubt that plastics have become public enemy number one and products like paper bags have become a popular way for businesses to create a more environmentally friendly way of operating whilst enhancing the green image of their business.

However many businesses are still offering plastic bags and consumers do still finding themselves needing to purchase them. So are people still using plastic bags and how do we make them make the switch to paper? Keep reading to find out.

It comes down to price

It may not come as a surprise that businesses wish to maximise their profit whilst keeping customers happy and it is a sad truth that many customers are still happy to take single use plastic bags and companies are only too willing to provide them at a lower cost than their paper counterparts.

According to research it takes around 4 times as much energy to produce paper bags when compared to plastic ones.  This translates into increased cost per unit for your business. A way to encourage plastic adoption could be to try and reduce the cost of paper to make it more economical for businesses to adopt.

One way that you could increase your profit margin is by opting for twisted handle paper bags over standard plastic ones. Current research suggests people are more willing to buy from companies that provide eco-friendly packaging. This is worth the initial investment it takes to get these bags and will also reduce your environmental footprint; giving you a strong point to market your business for.

How can your business make paper bags a profitable investment?

The higher quality and better feel of twisted handled paper means they will be more expensive than the basic plastic option. To overcome this you must invest in bulk and ensure your business adopts the paper bags in enough volume to make them profitable.

Once implemented paper bags will improve your brand image and help you spread awareness as your customers reuse your bags for future purchases. As the war on plastics rages on the demand for paper bags is likely to increase.

The cost benefit of a good brand image is difficult to calculate and is an indicator of why one must look is one sole production costs when considering the adoption of paper bags.

One interesting example of entrepreneurial spirit has been seen in Kenya where one student launched a paper bag production business to profit from the ban on plastics. The Kenyan student produces around 800 bags for clients on a good day and distributes them to all corners of the country.

Find reusable paper bags at an affordable price

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Author: Oliver Curtis

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