What Re-Negotiating My Car Insurance Policy Taught Me

Those of us whose parents are still alive well into our adult lives are really lucky in so many different ways. It goes way beyond just having that solid support structure to draw on, with some lessons in business and finances to learn as well.

In my specific case, my father decided to take an early retirement following some uncertainty at the place of work he’s served for more than two decades now. Who would have ever thought this would ultimately lead me to re-negotiating my own car insurance policy, which is exactly what transpired?

So my dad had the intention of cancelling his car insurance for the 2009 Peugeot he’d already paid off in full, citing premiums that are way too expensive. A representative soon called to offer him less than half of the premiums he’d been paying, which is staggering to say the least!

It pays to drive a hard-bargain

I followed suit, but needed a reason as strong as his reason, which of course in his case was that he was now going on pension and could no longer afford to pay such high premiums. I couldn’t quite find one other than citing a transition into the self-employed world from the hired world and to my surprise I was offered new premiums that amounted to about half of what I’d been paying. This of course was after I’d made clear my “intentions to cancel, outright.”

So the lesson is that it pays to drive a hard-bargain at times.

There has to be a line somewhere

As much as it pays to drive a hard bargain, there has to be a line to draw somewhere. I mean I could have probably gotten an even better deal through which I’d be paying lower premiums than those which amounted to half of my original premiums, but then what kind of auto insurance coverage would I subsequently have? Would everything I need covered still actually be covered?

Most products and services are more expensive than they should be

This is a lesson to take into pretty much all the other sectors, that being how most products and services are more expensive than they should be. It’s not always the case that you can get them cheaper, but often you can negotiate down to something close to just above the cost price. After all, the retailers also have to make a profit, which is why they’re in business in the first place.

Business success leaves clues

Finally, it’s a bit of a stretch to draw this particular parallel, but it exists nevertheless. Basically success in business leaves clues, but sometimes you need to stretch the lines to draw those parallels between those clues and the subsequent success, much in the way that I’ve done here. It’s a simple case of doing what business advisors and other service providers do as opposed to what they say. For example, consulting the best Real Estate Attorney Monroe NC has on offer is not something you necessarily have to do once there’s some kind of issue to deal with. You can consult with them before getting into some real estate or estate planning arrangement to ensure you get the best deal.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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