Top Online Gaming Trends to Watch Out In 2018

The online gambling industry is growing day and night. From the wide range of content created in 2017, especially games that tied into popular franchises and big film releases, to the increasing number of players, more people are now making the most out of gambling sites like “this is story” and all of the games that they have on offer to heighten their gambling experience. According to a report released in 2016, 33% of gambling revenue in the UK was generated from online casinos.

The stable development of the online gambling industry has inspired gamers to hone their skills as well as attract new customers and retain loyal clients, presenting them with a wonderful experience. With that said, let us look at what marketers and developers will pay attention to in iGaming 2018.

VR gaming

This list wouldn’t be complete without including virtual reality (VR) gaming. Facebook’s Oculus and Steam Digital platform by Valve Corporation are releasing games that use virtual reality technology. As a matter of fact, the mobile AR technology is expected to drive the VR market by the year 2021, taking further what can be done on both desktop and mobile platform. In the ICE Totally Gaming conference, developers revealed the VR they plan to launch by the end of the year, which looks set to take off massively into 2018.

The price of Oculus Rift headset was reduced significantly to just $399 in summer 2017, which is important in bringing VR technology closer to many people. There is no doubt that virtual reality gaming would enhance the experience further to reflect that of a real casino. This technology will make it possible for many players to play. Top game developers have invested in this technology already.

Live Gaming

Twitch, a digital gaming platform, gets 45 million people playing games on its platform every month. These games can be anything from old Nintendo games to esports. Esports in particular have been growing in popularity with the esports betting industry also witnessing a noticeable boom. Furthermore, Facebook Live has seen an improvement in its capabilities, with a 330% increase of search queries featuring it since 2016 and 50 million dollars being paid to celebrities to market using this platform. Live technology is increasingly becoming popular and will become even more popular in 2018. In the case of online casinos, the current trend of live dealer games is going strong and expanding into new ways. If you’re wanting to find some of the latest info regarding online casinos and live gambling games online, then be sure to check out other online resources that can help you find the relevant information you’re looking for, whether it be for different bonus offers, trying to find a no-limit withdrawal casino and much more.

Aside from the multiple expansions of the variants and range of table games in live format, we have also seen new games entering the platform. For example, Dream Catcher live is available to play at a number of online casino sites. Exhibitors at this year’s (2018) ICE Totally Gaming are expected to unveil the latest advancements on live technology used by online casinos. The competition in the market will help to bring trends to the industry much faster and provide consumer with a range of top quality examples of each trend.

Skill-based gaming

Although some slot games are primarily based on luck, which encourages many people who are looking for a stress-free game that’s free beyond their control, we are seeing a rise in skill-based games. For example, Poker requires a lot of strategy and luck alone won’t bear any fruits, especially as you continue playing. The 2017 Global Gaming Expo, which ended in October, focused on 2018’s improvements in casino gambling.

Skill-based games for online and physical casinos were featured heavily. Probability gaming, which consists of a team of mathematicians, showcased some of the skilled-based casino games they have developed, which blend standard play with a bit of strategy. Basically, this will be target newer online players who will be looking for more of a challenge in the games they play.

More Gamification

Gamification, which became popular in 2017, involves immersing players in the online game they are playing. There are varied rewards that players can complete for. The idea of gamification is to give players something different when playing online slot game as a way of fighting any saturation in the industry as well as competition from mobile or console gaming.

Traditionally used for marketing purposes to attract consumers towards a certain product through fun activities, gamification allows users to test a wide range of online casino games before they start playing them, thus encouraging them to play more and set new goals for them to work towards.

Push for content

Although online casinos are using content from TV shows, other games, movies, etc. in their games together with conventional themes, the trend is likely to go in favor of content. In fact, some casinos are the using the content of the game as a prize. A good example is little themed video slots that play when you win certain slots. The push for content results from the global demand for content, which is expected to continue into 2018.

Although current trends have been used for online casino games already, for instance in the Game of Thrones slot developed by Microgaming, major trends in 2018 will most likely influence the same content of branded slots as a way of cross-promoting the offerings.


Have you ever wondered what the traits to a block chain-based Cryptocurrency are?

  • Payment transparency
  • No financial regulation in states

Both factors are appealing to online casino gaming fans. This is the main reason why online casino sites started introducing Cryptocurrency as a payment method. This is profitable for both gamers and operators as the former gets a high rate and payment guarantee whereas the latter attracts new customers and boosts loyalty. In 2018, Bitcoin and blockchain are priori on trend. So, Cryptocurrency will be popular in iGaming.

Although 2018 promises to improve how online casino games are played, many changes came from developments that were made in 2017. Like many things in real life, continual improvements is important in ensuring that the online gaming industry remains fresh and both new and existing fans are offered something interesting and fun.

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