Top 3 Freightliner Semi Truck Models Right Now

Freightliner is one of the most well-renowned truck manufacturers in the trucking industry because they produce innovative and highly durable big rigs. They optimize the performance of each of their semi trucks with various driver resources to make it easy for the ones behind the wheel to maneuver even the biggest trucks hauling heavy loads over long distances. This article lists down some of the top semi truck models from this manufacturer.

M2 106

M2 106 is one of Freightliner’s medium-duty trucks. This is an excellent option since a freightliner semi for sale is something that you can consider if you need a versatile truck that suits a wide variety of purposes. It also features a low profile dashboard that paves the way for optimal road visibility. Like with the other truck models of Freightliner, the cab of M2 106 is lightweight even if it is made from some of the toughest and highly durable materials. One of the most popular applications of Freightliner’s M2 106 is as emergency vehicles such as fire trucks.


If you are looking for a severe duty semi truck, then you can check out Freightliner’s 114SD, which is designed for ultimate productivity. This truck model is designed to be extremely comfortable for the one behind the wheel as this is the key to maximizing productivity. Thus, with enhanced ergonomics, more and more truck drivers are going for this model from Freightliner. This model is also designed with improved visibility because of its contoured hood slope.


For truckers looking for big rigs that will cruise the highway, Freightliner’s 122SD model proves to be a viable option. This model offers a wide range of horsepower ratings or torque ratings that can allow truck drivers to deliver the needs of the most demanding and complex trucking jobs. Yet, the cabs of these big rigs are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic enough to provide maximum comfort for the driver. In this way, they will be able to overcome fatigue particularly after driving over long distances.

Final Word

The Freightliner truck models listed above are only some of the top ones offered by this truck manufacturer. They have several other model line-ups that you can explore in case you need specific features to suit your trucking application. The key is in properly identifying your specific trucking needs to ensure that you are getting the right Freightliner model that will be able to address them accordingly.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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