Top 3 Business Processes You Could Outsource

Saving precious time is a top priority for businesses from startups to multi-national corporations. As your business grows, your client list continues to expand, and your team’s to-do list evolves on a daily basis. These, of course, are problems that you want; your bottom line depends on your growth, productivity and success. However, there are an increasing number of business tasks and processes that can be outsourced to external experts and support teams that can free up your staff from many of the tasks that tend to pull them further away from their core jobs.

Everything from simple administrative jobs such as appointment making and reception tasks, through more advanced customer support to complex legal and financial jobs can all be handled externally by third party agencies, freeing up time and resources without sacrificing the quality or integrity of these often business critical processes. In this article we look at three areas of your business that can benefit from outsourcing business processes.

1. Outsourcing payroll management

Payroll management is a business critical process that often requires significant training and staff expertise to complete, putting further pressure on HR or accounting teams. By outsourcing this task, you can remove that pressure as your business grows. The more complex and time consuming your payroll tasks become the more time you save with an outsourced solution.

2. Outsourcing legal processes

Even experienced legal teams can become overwhelmed with too much paralegal or pre-litigation tasks. An influx of customer service and contact issues combined with research, case filing and all manner of nuanced yet critical jobs can often impinge on the precious time of an existing team of legal experts. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) for many of these jobs can save time and ultimately allow for a better quality of service to be performed without a reduction in quality of service to customers.

In the task heavy world of legal work, LPO can be a saving grace; LPO for debt law can be helpful, for example, as can legal outsourcing for a variety of business law situations.

3. Outsourcing accountancy processes

As your business evolves, so will the demands on the staff responsible for accounting practices in your organization. Accountancy tasks are amongst the most important day to day jobs that help to keep your business running smoothly. The more successful you are the more invoicing (and invoice chasing) will need to be completed alongside expense accounts and the associated decision making and data entry tasks that are all essential everyday business tasks. Outsourcing many of your time intensive accountancy tasks allows for your team to be more focused on the strategic and decision-making elements of the job, increasing productivity. Business process outsourcing can be an effective way to maintain the quality and efficacy of your most important business processes whilst freeing up time for your team to focus on the tasks and jobs that most highly correlate with the growth and success of your company, such as strategic thinking, sales and customer satisfaction.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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