The Numbers Advantage in Practice

What is it about self-organisation amongst what becomes a sizeable group of people that’s so hard to get right? It’s been such a long time now that we’ve been using and perpetuating the same financial system and yet we still find it hard to organise amongst ourselves and use the numbers we have to our advantage. Perhaps someone has to demonstrate the power of this concept in
action with a practical example so as to hopefully spark some kind of revolution which will get more people coming together and realising that there is just so much strength in numbers when it comes to finances or even online gambling.

Now consider your own network of people you know, including pretty much everyone, whether it’s your work colleagues, ex-schoolmates you’re still in touch with (even if you’re just friends on Facebook), etc – everybody should be considered.

What you’ll find is that any one person’s network is usually comprised out of around 600 people, and we’re talking here 600 people who would respond to you within a matter of no more than 24-48 hours if you sent them a message with some kind of request or question. The rest of them can’t really be counted on if this is not the case.

Now just think about any product or service – a service is better actually…Think about any service which pretty much every single one of these people in your network pay for the use of. Preferably it would be a service which is of the financial sector or perhaps even a digital service, with the idea behind this being that it’s a service which basically just requires a payment in exchange for an agreement of the delivery of the service.

Let’s use two examples to drive the point home – one which is that of a financial service like banking, while the other would be a digital service in the form of the data you use to connect to the internet, and perhaps as well the talk-time credit you use to make phone calls.

In both of these cases, a lot of money flows from each of the people in your network to one party charged with the privilege of providing that service and they charge some kind of commission for it. Consequently they make a whole lot of profit, which is to be expected as nobody goes into business just for the fun of it, despite everything you’ve heard about having to love what you do if you’re to make a success out of any business venture you get into.

Why not flip the script on things? Nominate one or a few people in the network to manage the flow of money which would have otherwise landed in someone else’s hands, representing the network in a manner which keeps all that money circulating within the network. Any would-be profits generated would then belong to the entire network as a whole, thereby multiplying the power of the network with each round of the money being paid.

Of course the service must still be rendered, but instead of making one person somewhere outside of the network rich, as is the case currently, the network increases in value as the new service provider.

Author: Oliver Curtis

Hi there. I’m Oliver. I’m just a young boy from the outskirts of… Okay, that’s a lie, I’m not a young boy anymore, although I certainly feel that way at heart.