Struggling Financially? Having a motivated money mindset helps!

Sometimes when there is a standstill in your business or you can’t make head nor tail of your financial situations, having a healthy money mindset is all you need. Your mindset can keep you motivated to fix your financial problems. If you want new and different results with money, you must have a motivated money mindset! Don’t believe me? Keep on reading.

What does money mindset actually mean?

Your money mindset is the dominant attitude you have about your finances, which informs how you make important financial decisions. There is no way you can make more money if your emotions are all over the place. This is why you have to cultivate a healthy money mindset. When you train your mind to believe and get excited about being wealthy, opportunities are bound to show up everywhere. The following simple steps can help you create a healthy money mindset.

Be honest with yourself

What’s your why? Money is meaningless if you are unaware of your motivation for wanting it. Everyone needs money, no doubt about it. But what inspires you the most to make money? You need to discover if your motivation is fuelled by the fear of something bad happening if you spend too much or don’t save enough.

By being aware of what inspires you to make more money, you can easily analyse and change your current financial situation; try a debit card which comes with its own app, for example, which will allow you to easily track your finances and make realistic forecasts.

Whatever inspires you to make money, you need to tap into it. This can give you the endurance and strength to keep going on your financial journey.

Learn to forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness can be therapeutic in improving your dwindling financial state. It involves clearing your mental space so you can invite better things to come. You’re never going to fully get to where you want to be financially if all you do is harbour resentments, anger and hate. It is crucial that you don’t blame yourself about your past and that you forgive others as well. Learn to let go of the past and start focusing on your super exciting future prospects.

You don’t need permission

You may have no idea how to get more clients, how to increase your customer base or how to have a cash buffer after your retirement. But you can decide how you react afterwards. If you want to change your money mindset, it begins with you. Being positive about money will help you create a much happier and productive relationship with money. However you want your life to be, however you want to behave around money and however you want to feel about money, you don’t need permission to live out your values. Start acting it!

Celebrate small wins

You are probably thinking it’s silly to be grateful for money that hasn’t come in. But when you are grateful for the little you have, it invites more to come. Being grateful for every transaction you make can help you view money in a more positive light.

Remember that you’ve GOT THIS

You must be your own number one fan. You can achieve just about anything you set your mind to achieve. If you are not happy about your finances , then make it the way you want it to be. Make every year count.

Author: Oliver Curtis

Hi there. I’m Oliver. I’m just a young boy from the outskirts of… Okay, that’s a lie, I’m not a young boy anymore, although I certainly feel that way at heart.