Sneaky Tips to Get Cheaper Life Insurance This Year

A large part of the American population doesn’t have insurance. Whether it is health insurance, life insurance of car insurance, Americans are finding it difficult to get a decent policy at a reasonable price. If you want to buy car insurance compare car insurance quotes at However, if you want to buy life insurance, you have to work harder to avoid paying a fortune to service providers.

Have you decided to buy insurance? If yes, check out this Insurers Basic guide to getting cheap life insurance.

Get healthier

It’s true that healthier people have to pay lesser insurance payments than an average American. Getting in shape is the first thing that you must do in order to get cheaper life insurance. Get your blood work done today, take your body measurements and weigh yourself as soon as you get up the next morning. Write it all down.

Now, check out the ideal weight for your height and calculate your BMI (both current and ideal). In the next year, try to get as close as your ideal weight and BMI as possible. Though BMI is not the gold standard in measuring your health, it becomes easier to get cheaper insurance at BMI of 25 than at 40.

Quit smoking

Let’s understand how insurance companies work. Ideally, the higher your risk of contracting a terminal disease, the higher your insurance premium will be. Insurance companies consider smokers a high-risk category because of which they will either deny insurance or increase your premium drastically. Either way, you will land in a sticky situation.

The best way to move ahead is to quit smoking altogether. For some, going cold turkey is easier while others try to use nicotine patches and chewing gums to control their urges. I suggest the cold turkey method to my readers at Insurers Basic because I found it to be much easier to stop smoking in one go, instead of reaching out to a gum every time I felt the need to smoke. The withdrawal symptoms were slightly uncomfortable in the first week but they eventually subsided. You can decide which method works the best for you.

Be cautious with hobbies

Did you know that some life insurers try to find out your hobbies to see what kind of risk you may suffer in the next few years? A person whose hobby is to play basketball will usually have a much lesser premium compared to someone who goes dirt road biking. This is because the more adventurous the hobby, the higher your chances of getting hit or injured. This also puts you in a high-risk category.

Imagine what would happen if you are 20 pounds overweight, smoke 20 cigarettes a day and love taking your guns to work during the hunting season? You become an extremely high-risk individual who will pay a very high price to keep his insurance intact. These were my sneaky tips to lower your life insurance or health insurance payment. Tell me if you liked it in the comments section of Insurers Basic.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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