Changes In Sight For Online Casino UK Sites as Head of Gambling Commission Resigns

The online casino market in the UK is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world. With this being the case, it sets high aims for other gambling markets to achieve. With the industry attracting so many online casino UK gamers, there is a need to keep every player safe. However, who does this responsibility belong to? Well, it comes down to 2 parties. One being the online casino itself, they do this by following all the rules and regulations that are set in their license. Therefore, the other party involved is the Gambling Commission. These are the ones responsible for making the regulations, enforcing the rules, and giving licenses. Online casinos function in a certain way, this helps them run and service the online gamblers. Articles such as – ‘The Technology that keeps Online Casinos Running‘ can go further into this and provide a better understanding of this sector.

You may be asking yourself, what is the need to keep players safe? However, the online world is filled with dangers the can affect players. As a result, the Gambling Commission make and enforce many of the online casino UK player safety rules. Having their licence at an online casino can give players a real sense of security, especially considering there are now so many online casinos popping up all over the internet and mobile app stores, for more information as to why they’re becoming so popular nowadays, you might want to take a look at this article or research further online. Knowing that they follow some kind of regulations and laws will give players a sense that they can play safely. To begin with, any rules that are made may not seem to be protective of online casino players. They also can make major impacts on the market, which can devastate some online casinos. Some platforms such as Casimboo’s Online Casino have been able to adapt to any changes that the Gambling Commission impose.

The Gambling Commission Regulates Online Casino UK Websites

As briefly mentioned before, the Gambling Commission are in control of any rules made and passed for the UK gambling market. This includes all forms of gambling including physical and online casinos, lotteries, sports betting and even raffles. Being a government-run company, any rules they make often reflect laws that are passed. They are also the independent regulator, so any complaints of unsafe practices will be investigated and dealt with by them. As a result, they are also the ones who issue fines when it is found that casinos break the rules. Sometimes the fines that they hand out can be huge sums of money.

In terms of the changes, the Gambling Commission is often seen as the bad guys. As a result, many of the changes they have made in the past have had huge effects on the market. Some of the most notable rules they began to enforce included No Deposit Bonuses. With these being one of the most dominant bonuses for players, the changes in the rules came as a great shock to the market. Therefore, many online casinos offering services to online casino UK players had to re-think the welcome bonus they offered. You may still find these kinds of bonuses offered, however, there are not as commonly found as before.

With discussions in place about the future of gambling and the association with sports events. The Gambling Commission have some serious discussions to be had. With current events, this decision could affect more than just the UK gambling industry.

The Chief of The Gambling Commission Resigns

With the major discussions that have to be had regarding the future of sports association. There is a lot of stress on everyone involved. Therefore, it is unfortunate news that at such a serious time, the head of the Gambling Commission has resigned. With the government-run company currently in the middle having the laws governing the sector being reviewed. This resignation couldn’t come at a worse time. Neil McArthur, resigned with immediate effect and the search for an interim chief executive is going to begin shortly.

This resignation comes as the regulator has recently come under criticism. One of the points that has been said about them is that they are underpowered. Therefore, failing to also adapt to the rise in online casino UK mobile gaming. Another reason they have come under fire is their failure to provide a proper oversite of a Football Index. However, McArthur’s resignation is said to be unrelated to this factor, although, it cannot be ignored.

McArthur was head of the Gambling Commission during the markets most difficult period. With unease about the behaviour of the gambling industry and the VIP programs they offer. However, one of the major concerns right now is the effect that gambling sponsored football ads have on young and vulnerable people.

What Does This Means for UK Gambling?

Spending almost 15 years as the head of the regulator, he has seen some of the biggest regulation changes made during his time. However, a new permanent chief will not be appointed until a new chair is appointed. The current chairman’s term of office is due to end later this year. McArthur gave a speech upon the news of his resignation. Therefore, quoting “I am proud of everything the Gambling Commission has achieved during my 15 years with the organisation. We have taken significant steps forward to make gambling fairer and safer, and I know that I leave the organisation in a strong position to meet its future challenges.

“With a review of the Gambling Act under way, now feels the right time to step away and allow a new chief executive to lead the commission on the next stage in its journey.”

We can say that a new head of the Gambling Commission will have a major impact on the market. Although, exactly how is not yet clear. Many of the changes that have been put in place over the years by McArthur will stay. As a result, players can expect the same safety measures that have been enforced over the years. However, it is not clear yet if the decision he was discussing on the future of football sponsorship will continue. One thing that can be sure, the Gambling Commission do not have a history of going back on their decisions. As a result, we can be sure that any rules that have been made during his time as head of the commission will continue to be enforced.

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