Busting Common Blackjack Myths

Blackjack is seen as a very technical and strategic game. Due to this, there are many myths that surround the game although many of them are not true and should be dispelled because they are the reason that many people are put off from playing the game. Actually, if you play the game at Slotzo correctly, it is not particularly difficult, though it can be made more complex if you choose to do so when you become more able and experienced at Blackjack. Let’s take a look at the most common myths and set you straight regarding what the actual case is. 

You have to get 21

No, you don’t. Apparently, this is the most common myth surrounding Blackjack out there. But the reality of getting 21 bang on the nose is not particularly common and you are very fortunate if this does happen to you whilst you are playing. However, the game of Blackjack, also known as Twenty One, is actually about how close to 21 you are able to get with exceeding the number. What the other players around the table are doing and what their cards are totalling is completely irrelevant to your game as it is really just a competition between you and the dealer. The real aim of Blackjack is to be closer to 21 than your dealer without going bust which is the technical term for your collection of cards being of a value over 21. The dealer is the only person at the table that you need to pay attention to. 

You will always lose playing Blackjack

No, it is actually quite the opposite. The house edge is pretty small when playing Blackjack so the casino does not benefit hugely from the game. Blackjack is actually one of the few casinos with a casino with such a small house edge which is usually somewhere between 3 and 4% if you are a new player, inexperienced or if you do not have a particular strategy in mind when you begin playing. You can decrease this chance of the casino winning even further to an impressive 0.5 to 2% if you are able to improve your strategy when you are playing, increase your experience level and stop thinking that the game of Blackjack is about luck. You can drastically increase your likelihood to win by implementing specific, and often small changes, such as card counting, which will enable you to win more frequently, place better bets and to keep your attention for longer whilst you play the much-loved game of Blackjack in any casino around the world. So, you won’t always lose – you just have to know what you are doing as Blackjack is a game based on skill and strategy, not chance and luck as with many other games found in a stereotypical casino either land-based or online. 

The dealer hates the player

No. The dealer is there often as a guide to help you but they are either not taken advantage of in their job role in the correct way or people to try to take advantage of them to cheat the system. Neither of these methods, obviously, will help you. Dealers don’t hate the players around their table unless they are particularly rude or if they are cheating.  In this case, cheaters get eradicated from the casino and rude players do not receive the help that the dealer could easily and legally give to them. For this reason, it would be advised that you treat the dealer with the utmost respect that they always deserve. They are, believe it or not, on your side and do want you to be able to win. So be polite to them, show some decent, common courtesy, and even leave a tip. You will be surprised how far this goes in showing them that you mean business but in the correct manner. Also, make it clear to them that you are a respectful player, so don’t touch your chips or your cards when the game is in play as you don’t want them to suspect you of cheating. Make the job of the dealer as easy as possible and they will make your game as easy as possible for you. They might even give you the odd hint here and there which could be a lot more useful than you think. So keep your eyes open for any little nuances in their behaviour as this may just be their way of showing you what to do without making it obvious to everyone else around the table. 

Never split your cards

For some reason, one of the strangest myths when playing Blackjack is that cards should not be split but actually, this means that your chances of winning could decrease hugely within seconds. When you are dealt your first two cards, if they are the same in value (both of 10) then you should seriously consider splitting. This means that you can play two games of Blackjack at the same time so you could be able to win twice. Indicate to your dealer that this is what you want to do by placing the equal amount of chips again on the table. Your dealer will know what you are doing and will make the necessary amendments to your card layout so there is no need for you to fiddle around. This is another way that you can avoid being suspected of anything untoward. Not splitting your cards is one sure way to other players and the dealer that you are not experienced in playing Blackjack which is what you want to avoid. 

Blackjack is a scary game table

This is not generally the case, although as with any game, there will always be some people who are nicer, better to play with and more accommodating than others. As you become more aware of what you are doing, you will be less concerned about who is around you and what they are thinking, doing or saying, so just try to ignore them when you start playing. Remember that not all advice you are given by other players is good advice so pay more attention to the dealer than those on your side of the table.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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