5 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Teens Entertained This Weekend

Most teenagers are more than happy to spend their weekends playing Fortnite or hanging out at the local mall. If that’s what they want to do, then great! These days, people love playing computer games. There are even some benefits to this. Playing computer games can improve reaction times and can stimulate the brain. If your child wants to play video games, it might be worth helping them to find out how to make a earthbound rom hack, if they want to play that game. These days, teens can play video games from their computers, so that should occupy them for even longer. However, video games shouldn’t be the only thing they play. It’s good to be able to play something together as a family, or something physically stimulating like sports or games from GameQuarium. But what can you do if the weekend is just about to happen and you need to organize something that is fast, cheap, and most importantly, fun? We’ve got you covered, read on for some cheap ways to entertain your kids this weekend.

Go Camping

Dragging a teen away from his/her digital devices is nigh on impossible if you stay at home. Going camping makes it nice and easy because digital devices are useless in the middle of nowhere. Not all kids enjoy camping, but in summer when the weather is warm, it can be a lot of fun. Go back to nature and build campfires. You can roast marshmallows and sausages, drink campfire coffee, and tell spooky ghost stories. If it helps, to make the notion of camping more appealing, invite one of their friends along for the ride.

Go to a Sports Event

Is your teen into sports? If so, check out what games are happening in your town/city. You might be able to pick up some last-minute tickets cheaply if the game isn’t a headliner. And if it is, check out coupon sites for discount deals on ticket vendors. Don’t forget to check out lesser-known sports, too. Even if you don’t end up getting tickets, you could always consider going to a match screening. This means that you could even watch matches happening anywhere in the world, say, an AFL match. Your kids might not only have a fun time but may even get hooked onto international sport, with you having to consider buying them some collingwood merchandise the next time an AFL tournament rolls around! Cycling, running, and triathlon events are fun to spectate if they pass through a hilly area. Hop on your bicycles and find a good vantage spot where you can watch and offer some encouragement to the athletes as they cycle or run past.

Go for a Bike Ride

If you all enjoy cycling, go for a bike ride in the local area or head out of town and hit a National Park. Put some snacks in a rucksack and fill your bottles up with water. Spending the day outside exploring the area on two wheels is fun. Even teens will enjoy this one!

Test Your Teens’ Puzzle-Solving Skills

Create a scavenger hunt for your teens. All you have to do is come up with some fiendishly difficult clues and hide objects in different locations. Make the scavenger hunt as difficult as you like so it lasts longer. Teenagers will enjoy the challenge, especially if you pit them against their friends in two teams.

If you want to make it even more fun, reward them with a session in a Montgomery escape room. You can choose from different themes, including a haunted house, casino heist, and runaway train. To escape, you must solve the clues in less than 60-minutes. Is your teen up to the challenge?

Get Arty

Creating art is fun. Instead of suggesting your teens draw or paint indoors, challenge them to create a mural outside. Pick a wall, preferably not on the front of your house or in the public domain and let them be creative. Aerosol cans or acrylic paint is the best type of paint to use. Give them free reign to do what they want, as long as it’s not offensive in any way. You can always paint over it later.

If none of these activities appeal and your teens are bored, suggest they volunteer at a local soup kitchen. It might broaden their horizons.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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