4 Common Life Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

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The main reason why people get life insurance is to protect their loved ones. You want your family to continue enjoying financial stability after you are gone. However, you must get it right with the life insurance to achieve your goal. One mistake can hurt your family instead of guaranteeing them financial security. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking for life insurance.

1. Choosing the Wrong Policy

Insurance companies provide details of each policy including the terms, payouts, and conditions under which the coverage expires. Unfortunately, many people shopping for an insurance cover do not read the terms. A company like Juniper Life Insurance has provided full information on all its covers on its website. Compare different types of products including term, permanent, and universal life insurances. Ask for clarification on the terms, cost implications, and total coverage. Pick a policy that meets your family’s financial needs.

2. Waiting Too Long

We know that death is inevitable and it could happen at any time. Unfortunately, many people wait until a certain age to sign up for a life insurance cover. The reality is that you pay higher premiums for any policy as you grow older. Do not wait until you develop a health complication or start a family to get a cover. Start while young and then improve your policy to meet your family’s changing needs. Some policies enable you to increase your premiums after a certain period to increase the amount of coverage.

3. Choosing the Wrong Company

You may pick the right type of life insurance but go wrong with the company. Insurance companies charge different premiums for the same type of life insurance. You will end up paying more in the long-term if you do not do your research well. Do not sign up for any policy before comparing several policies in the market. Consider the financial stability and history of each company. Check the ratings of different companies and pick one with the highest ratings. You need the assurance that the company will have the financial capacity to pay the amount of coverage when your policy matures.

4. Naming a Minor or an Estate as a Beneficiary

Here is another aspect of life insurance that many people get wrong. You want your children to benefit from the cover after you die. However, you cannot include them in the cover as beneficiaries while they are still minors. If you die while they are still minors, they will have to wait for the court to appoint a guardian to access their benefits. Instead of naming a minor, appoint a trustee or a name a trusted adult to act as their guardian. Again, if you name your estate as a beneficiary, it will take a lengthy legal process for your target beneficiaries to access the funds. The legal battle may take years before the court makes a decision. Naming an estate is also risky because your creditors can claim the full amount to settle your debts.


If you want your loved ones to benefit from your life insurance cover, do your research before signing up. Get the right type of life insurance with favorable terms, depending on your financial situation. Do not wait too long to get the cover or sign up for a policy without understanding its terms.

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