Good Delivery – Why Efficiency is Key

It’s a competitive marketplace and every company is busy vying for the attention of much needed customers. When you find them, you have to try and keep them. To do that you need to make sure you are meeting the particular needs of your customer. Customer retention is a tricky business, to achieve it you must put effective logistics solutions in place. Get it wrong and buyers will not hesitate to pick up their purses and wallets and move happily onto one of your competitors.

What Does Average Joe Want?

Joe is a 34-year-old married dad of one, he has decided to buy his son a bike and is planning to browse and buy the item online.  Joe is seeking an attractive bike, that his son can ride well. He doesn’t want to pay over the odds, but is willing to pay the right price for a quality item. Joe wants to be able to use an easy-to-navigate website and be able to speak to a sales advisor if he has any questions. Joe hates paying ridiculously high delivery fees and needs the bike to arrive in time for his son’s birthday the following week. Joe sets off on his search with optimism that his son will soon be the owner of a shiny new bike. He soon finds one online, being sold by a company called “Peddle Power.”

Meeting Joe’s Needs

Peddle Power receive the order, the sales team process it and a request is made to the distribution team to locate the bike in question and prepare to ship it to the customer. The seller (Peddle Power) must ensure they have sound logistics solutions when picking the bike and getting it ready for shipment. The bike is taken to the despatch area and prepared for shipment, it is then sent to the customer (Joe).

What Happens When Joe’s Needs Aren’t Met?

Peddle Power may have received the order and processed it but the bike isn’t home and dry yet! When the bike reaches the warehouse, it turns out the despatch operative is new and hasn’t been drilled properly in the shipment process. Therefore, he does not strap the new bike to the frame in the correct way (Peddle Power provide frames to keep the bike secure in transit).

The driver collects the bike and doesn’t spot that it is inadequately secure for shipment, he places it in the van and sets off. The bike falls over in the van and the driver doesn’t realise it’s damaged.

The delivery driver leaves the bike with a neighbour as Joe has gone out with his son. When Joe gets back he is disappointed to find the bike has a long scratch on it, he has to return it (which is a real pain)! Joe is left disgruntled and as a customer has found the process frustrating. Next time may think twice about your using Peddle Power!

Peddle Power needs to make sure they tighten up logistics solutions, eliminating problems and striving for customer satisfaction. Otherwise Joe and customers like him will simply go elsewhere.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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