4 Reasons Expats Should Get Vaccinated Before They Arrive

Nobody likes getting vaccinations, but it’s common for expats to need a few shots before they head off to their new country. Unfortunately, many soon-to-be expats decide to wait until they arrive to have the relevant vaccinations; after all, a day or two doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, and vaccination costs are often significantly lower outside the UK.

Tempting as it might be to save a few pounds, you should never leave without getting the vaccinations for your new country first, and here are just four reasons why.

  1. You Can’t Be Too Careful

Yes, you’ll probably be fine if you wait a day or two to receive your vaccinations, but you’ll still be taking a terrible risk. Disease can strike at any time, and it’s worth remembering that your immune system will probably be flagging thanks to all that time in the air and the stress of moving. It’s a stupid gamble that could have life-changing consequences.

  1. It’s Easy to Forget

Okay, so you’ve planned to get your vaccinations right away, but then you’re exhausted after unpacking. Maybe the next day you want to explore the city, and then you meet people who invite you out for dinner. The point is that it’s easy to forget about or completely neglect your planned vaccinations when you’re dealing with the stress and excitement of arriving somewhere new.

  1. You May Face Entry Issues

You obviously don’t want to catch some kind of disease, and your host country will be almost as worried about that happening as you are. Travellers and expats are often asked to present vaccinations certificates as well as health insurance documentation before they even enter a country since that country does not want to deal with the various problems of a sick visitor. Unless you want to risk getting turned back at the border, it’s better to get those vaccinations well ahead of time.

  1. You May Face Longer Waiting Times

Even in the UK you’ll sometimes need to wait a week or two for your vaccinations. In some countries, waiting times are far better, but they’re often worse. You may call up to arrange vaccinations on the day you arrive, only to discover that the next available slot is in a month’s time.

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