Building and Maintaining Good Financial Relationships


When a big business you work for starts branching out into that business which requires financial sector regulation, you should either be worried silly or it’s a sign that the company is a really healthy one in terms of its balance sheets. Unfortunately for me the former rather than the latter applied to my situation […]

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How Direct Debits can Protect Your Credit Rating

direct debit and credit

As we often have so much to pay for, it can be so easy to forget about one or two bills. Unfortunately, this may lead to outstanding debts that will set back a person’s finances or ruin their credit rating. However, direct debit payments might be the perfect solution to keep bills in check and […]

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How to Deal with Priority Debts

priority debts

Priority debts are debts that are more important than other outgoings. They are classed as a priority as the law allows extreme actions to be taken if a borrower fails to make a repayment. For example, the creditor may: Repossess or evict a debtor from their home Hire bailiffs to remove a person’s belongings from […]

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How To Save Money During The Summer Holidays

save on summer holidays

Whether you love your little ones being off for six weeks during the summer or you dread it, there is one thing that cannot be denied; the summer holidays are an expensive time of the year. The kids being off school often means one of two things; either you have to think of daily ways […]

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5 Ways To Save Money As A Couple

save money couple

They say that two is better than one, but two also costs more than the price of one. There are loads of ways to save money as a couple, here are some of our top ways to save the pennies when you are in a relationship. Learn to have fun dates without having to spend […]

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