The Importance of Distributed Economic Inclusion

economic distribution

There was a golden period in the development of our economic system during which things pretty much followed the operational model of the Industrial Revolution, followed by a growing desire for wealth acquisition and uninhibited consumption. I guess it was okay because there was a sense that there were enough resources to go around for […]

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Building and Maintaining Good Financial Relationships


When a big business you work for starts branching out into that business which requires financial sector regulation, you should either be worried silly or it’s a sign that the company is a really healthy one in terms of its balance sheets. Unfortunately for me the former rather than the latter applied to my situation […]

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How Direct Debits can Protect Your Credit Rating

direct debit and credit

As we often have so much to pay for, it can be so easy to forget about one or two bills. Unfortunately, this may lead to outstanding debts that will set back a person’s finances or ruin their credit rating. However, direct debit payments might be the perfect solution to keep bills in check and […]

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