Turning the Clamor for Vaping into Profit

There seems to have been a time when almost everybody smoked tobacco, or at least everybody who mattered.  Hollywood actors put on the style and during the fifties and sixties there was barely a cool guy to be found who didn’t more or less permanently sport a cigarette from the corner of his mouth.  Lieutenant Columbo, of course, preferred a cigar, and it seems slightly bizarre watching him in all the old detective movies nonchalantly puffing smoke into the faces of friend and foe alike without any sign of them seeming to mind all that much.  The more sophisticated sometimes opted for a pipe, the perfect prop of choice for the arty or academic type with which to strike a pose.  Screen sirens in figure-hugging dresses too would oft be presented to the world drawing seductively upon a cigarette, which in the mindset which prevailed at the time presumably added a suggestion of glamor and panache.  Most of our musical idols did it, some of them even sang about it. 

Of course they didn’t know in those days just how much damage tobacco caused to people’s health, not only to those who partook but sometimes even to those in their company.  Now that we are wiser smoking has been progressively but relentlessly marginalized, and many who had previously enjoyed tobacco are turning to vaping, the use of electronic cigarettes which simulate the action of traditional smoking but which most agree are considerably safer.

Cash From Vapor

E-cigarettes create an aerosol, which is commonly called vapor. The large majority of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are not present in e-cigarette aerosol.  The odors produced from vaping are less intense and generally more pleasant than those caused by cigarette or cigar smoke, making them more sociable and acceptable to use in company.

The substance of the e-cigarette is called an e-liquid, and it is in the variety of these which are available according to taste that money is to be made.  Creating a new recipe for a new flavor which becomes popular with vapers could potentially hold the key to a successful and lucrative business.

Interestingly, this fact has not been lost on the commercial giants which once dominated the traditional tobacco industry.  Seeing the writing on the wall, they have increasingly turned their attention to the manufacture and production of electronic products with which to replace the discredited old ones.

Vapors and Vaping Kits

New liquids with new flavors appeal to an inquisitive market, which also finds itself enticed by an increasing range of core products around the vaporizer, the vaporizer attachment and accessories.  Indeed the realization of the harmful effects of tobacco has heralded a whole new industry for those who wish to convert away from nicotine, as well as some who had previously never smoked but who are comfortable adopting the safer alternative.

Notwithstanding the involvement of the erstwhile tobacco giants, new entrepreneurs have been able to develop flavors which they have then been successful in introducing to the market using their already well-honed social marketing skills.  It’s a whole new ball game, and there is money to be made by those prepared to embrace change.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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