What Are The Best Insurance Companies In The US?

The US has several auto insurance companies offering competitive rates, lucrative offers and dependable add-ons that can help you secure your vehicle as well as your finances. Let’s learn about the best companies in the country providing most dependable coverage that could help you achieve your objectives. To get the full list of insurance companies, click here.

Amica Mutual

It is one of the oldest companies providing suitable auto policies in the US, working since 1907. The company sells policies in all 50 states, which helps you in getting comprehensive coverage and support, no matter where you are in the country. It has 45 offices throughout the country and has the best overall service record too. The company has also received perfect claims satisfaction score according to a JD Power Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study. The online advisors are very helpful and customer complaints regarding the company are also low. However, they have the most complex policies in the market which may not be suitable for new buyers.


The company as originally founded for providing policy coverage to members of the military and their family members. Today, it has 8 offices in the US and Europe and provides policies to 6 million customers. The rates provided by the company are always fair and competitive. Also, the members get a portion of the company profits annually. You can get 24×7 banking services on mobile as well. However, it is only available to the members of the military and withdrawals or deposits cannot be facilitated with banks.

Auto-Owners Insurance

The company was established in 1916 and currently provides service to over 5 million customers. It is available in 26 states and has 40,000 agents and 6,000 agencies working under its aegis, coupled with 3 subsidiaries. The Auto-Owners Personal Automobile Plus Package is one of the best-selling policies of the company, providing a comprehensive protection to the users. The customer service is also par excellence and claims are handled efficiently too.

NJM Insurance company

If you are living in New Jersey and are a state employee or a member or employee of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, you can avail the services of NJM Insurance Company. Even though it provides coverage to only a small group of individuals, it has managed to grow as the top policy providers in the country, thanks to the quality of its plans and the opportunities provided to the users. Residents of the state can also engage with NJM Bank, its subsidiary providing financial services to people. It has some of the most competitive car policy rates and excellent claims record.

Erie Insurance

The subscriber-owned company provides both personal and commercial auto coverage for the users. It provides suitable coverage to Pennsylvania residents and marks its presence in 10 other states, D.C as well as Canada. In this region, Erie has one of the largest networks of agents and agencies. The customer service team has been appreciated time and again for their performance. They even received an award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Auto Insurance Purchase Experience” from JD Power. Policyholders can claim support 24×7.

There are several other companies providing highly competitive coverage in your states. Check the full list of providers before selecting.

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