What Millennial Renters Really Want

With the property ladder becoming more and more impossible to get a place on, young people are turning to renting. Renting is a great option as it means they can have their own place without having to save a large deposit. It also means they have much more freedom so when the right place does come along, they can move more easily.

But how can landlords make their home more Millennial-friendly? Here’s how.

Let them make their house a home

A lot of landlords have become stricter on what their tenants are and aren’t allowed to do. Most don’t allow redecorating of any kind, or hung artwork as this leaves nails or holes in the walls.

However, from a landlords’ perspective, allowing them to put their stamp on the place might not be a bad thing. A well-decorated, homely building is more likely to garner extra attention. So let your current tenants do what they want with the place (within reason) as it’ll be much easier to find new tenants when the time comes.

If you’re a landlord and are worried about the way your tenants might decorate, you could perhaps give them a few colours to stick to. This way they get to make the place feel less like a rental, and they’re using colours you’re okay with.

Allow pets

Pets are normally a big no-no from landlords. However, most young people have a pet, want a pet, or are planning on getting a pet. As a landlord, if you say no to pets, you’re hugely decreasing the number of people interested in renting from you.

If you’re concerned about this, you can usually ask for a higher deposit which will cover the costs of replacing chewed furniture or scratched floors.

Top Tip! If you’re a tenant looking to rent, make sure you take out tenant insurance at homelet.co.uk/tenants. You’ll need to protect your belongings and liability as a tenant.

Green spaces

Millenials are all about spending time outside. Whether they have children or not, a nice, well-kept outdoor space will appeal to young renters. If your property has a small patio, make it feel more green by adding plenty of plants in pots. There is also the added benefit of easy maintenance. The tenants won’t have to do much to keep the space tidy.

No matter how big or small the space, there’s always something you can do. Even an apartment with a small balcony should make use of potted plants to add some greenery and freshness.

If there’s no garden at all (i.e. an apartment with no balcony), then try to bring the outdoors in by putting lots of plants within the flat. This will make it feel instantly more welcoming, and green always adds freshness to a place.

Millennial renters aren’t that difficult to please. It might mean being a little more flexible than normal. However, you’ll gain trustworthy tenants that might stay with you for a few years!

Author: Oliver Curtis

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