What to Do If You Are Charged With a Criminal Offence

Modern living can be stressful at the best of times, but facing a criminal charge is perhaps the most worrying of all, and with such a lot at stake – which could include your liberty – it is absolutely essential that you seek out experienced legal counsel as soon as humanly possible. If we are frank about this, what the average Australian citizen knows about criminal law could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a marker pen, and this is akin to playing a sport you know absolutely nothing about. Of course, a person is innocent until proven guilty, but if the prosecution determine they have sufficient evidence to go to court, then the game is on.

Knowing your Rights

When a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offence, they instantly have specific rights, which the arresting officer should read to the suspect, and if the said person is not familiar with the legal process, they are immediately at a huge disadvantage. No one wants to be in such a situation, but it does happen, and should you ever be on the receiving end of a criminal charge, the very first thing you should do is make contact with an experienced criminal lawyer. There are, for example, very experienced criminal lawyers in Melbourne who have an excellent history in helping their clients reach a satisfactory outcome.

The Right to Silence

In the event you are arrested and charged with a criminal offence, you should say nothing – aside from acknowledging the charge – as anything you do say can be used as evidence against you in a court of law. If the arresting officer does not make you aware of your right to remain silent at the time of the arrest, an experienced criminal lawyer would likely move to have the case thrown out of court, which is very often the case when the arresting officer does not follow protocol.

Remain Calm

This is essential, and whatever happens, make sure you contact a good criminal lawyer as soon as you can. While no person plans to get themselves arrested, it could happen, and for that reason, it makes sense to pre-source a lawyer and keep their number in your smartphone. Regardless of the charge, or indeed the circumstances, you are entitled by law to contact legal counsel, and whatever the time of day, the criminal lawyer will respond in a timely manner. Whether you are arrested at home or at another location, it is important to remain calm and think about your options.

Satisfactory Outcome

This the primary objective for any person who is charged with a criminal offence, and without an experienced criminal lawyer in your corner, you are less likely to be happy with the outcome. What happens in court is that the facts are presented, and both the prosecution and defence have their opportunity to cross examine witnesses and to make the judge aware of certain issues, which therefore means the defendant’s fate is very much in the defence lawyer’s hands. You will likely never need it, but if you take 30 minutes of your time and search online for an experienced criminal lawyer in your area, there might come a day when you are very glad you did! Any good criminal lawyer would have impressive testimonials and a verifiable success rate, and with so much at stake, you really need to be sure you have a worthy representation. If a person allows the police to appoint them a lawyer, that is similar to allowing the opposing team’s coach to select your team! It cannot be overstressed just how important having good legal advice is, and with a lot riding on the outcome, it is wise to maximise the possibility of a satisfactory outcome.

Online Solutions

It seems the digital highway is the answer to everything, and if you ever needed to talk to a criminal lawyer in a hurry, a simple Google search will give you the emergency number of an experienced legal firm, and from that moment on, you can move forward with confidence.

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