Three Myths Concerning Workplace Injury Lawsuits

Nearly all employees will have seen adverts telling them that they could be entitled to compensation if they suffer an accident in the workplace that was not their fault. Despite this wide awareness of personal injury cases and the availability of no-win-no-fee lawyers, many people hold back from pressing their case due to a few simple myths.

  1. You’ll Lose Your Job

Many employees fear taking legal action over a workplace injury due to a fear that they will lose their jobs or be discriminated against in the future. This is certainly a natural concern, but, fortunately, it has no grounds in reality.

Firstly, most employers will be concerned about the accident that took place, eager to promote your welfare, and, above all, interested in solving the issue so that it cannot happen again. Secondly, firing someone as a result of a complaint is grounds for unfair dismissal.

  1. You Shouldn’t Report the Situation

If you are injured in the workplace, you really need to report that injury and the events surrounding it as soon as possible. This should ideally be done in writing in order to ensure that physical evidence can be presented. If you do not immediately report the situation, you may find it harder to bring a case against your employer.

Unfortunately, many people believe that they need to go to a lawyer before they go to their boss, worrying about the consequences of talking to someone within the company before seeking legal representation.

  1. You Need to Be Seriously Injured

All workplace injuries deserve attention, not just those that result in serious problems. Too many people think that issues such as a twisted ankle won’t hold any weight next to injuries like a broken leg, but this is not the case.

These cases aren’t all about how grave a person’s injuries are, though that will naturally often result in larger settlements. Instead, they’re about the fact that you suffered an injury due to the avoidable negligence of an employer.

If you think you might be entitled to compensation, don’t let these myths and mistakes hold you back. Instead, talk to a qualified lawyer today about your options.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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