Is It Ever a Good Idea to Use a Cheap Web Host?

We’ve all been in that situation before: paying for a product/service just because it’s cheap. After all, we don’t all have stacks of cash we can dip into whenever we want, so saving money on anything and everything is sometimes required. When it comes to choosing a web hosting service though, it’s crucial you make the right decision, otherwise, you’ll regret it in the future. Is it ever a good idea to pay for cheap hosting or is it best to go for a solution that has a bit more experience in serving online customers?

It Could be a Big Waste of Time

There’s nothing guaranteed in the world of web hosting – the biggest and most established companies out there have been known to let down their clients at some point or another. However, it seems to be the cheapest services out there that do it more often. Simply choosing a web hosting service because it’s cheaper than one of its competitors isn’t the way forward. You could end up with a host that doesn’t reply to your support queries. You could even end up with a service that doesn’t serve you at all. The cheapest services out there can’t always afford to hire employees to keep you happy, either.

Cheap Services Likely Won’t Provide You a Long-Term Solution

Many of the cheaper services online are out there to make quick money overnight but, eventually, reality hits them in the face and they realise it’s not an easy industry to make money in. They usually get fed up with having little to no clients to serve and they disappear into thin air before you know it. Is that a service really worth parting with your own cash for? You need to look at the long-term rather than the short-term, especially if you’re looking to make your website a success. What happens if one of your customers is browsing your products/services and they end up on a “page cannot be displayed” error simply because your host has ceased trading. It might not look good for your web hosting service, but it doesn’t make you look good either. Use for your web hosting research needs if you’re looking for a reliable host.

Cheaper Solutions Oversell Their Resources

Web hosting providers only have access to a certain number of resources as far as monthly data transfer and disk space is concerned. There’s no such thing as unlimited web hosting resources, so those web hosting providers that offer it should be overlooked straight away. Many of the cheaper services actually oversell resources they don’t have and, ultimately, this means the service for all their clients on one server is going to be poor or won’t work at all. Be very careful when choosing a web hosting provider – the cheapest isn’t always the best option, regardless of how tempting it is.

Choosing the right host from day one really is the most important thing for your online venture(s). Should you get your decision wrong, you could end up with a host that doesn’t support you, serve you, or provide you with the overall service you require to ensure your website is a success.

Author: Oliver Curtis

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