Insurance Claims Sitting Ducks

If you were to be made wise to the inner-workings of the typical insurance company, you’d be quite shocked at exactly what goes on, especially in relation to the claims payout process. Insurance companies will never admit to this, but take it from someone who has some connections on the “inside”, so to say, that being the fact that the typical insurance company has something akin to a department of propaganda, for lack of a better term.

What this “department” does is train the claims payout evaluation team to basically find any grounds not to approve a payout. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not accusing these insurance companies of doing anything illegal. On the contrary, it’s all legal and within the confines of the law, however, as far as morality and perhaps ethics go, the practice perhaps suggests a different story altogether.

Claims denied on a “technicality” or any variation of that process are very common, I mean after all, insurance companies are in this business to make profits. So, whenever they can deny your claim, they will.

All’s not lost however and since you’re an avid reader of this here IB blog, the information you come into here will help you jump the fence and cross over to the side of those consumers who always get the full value of their money’s worth.

Claims which can be denied on the basis of somewhat of a built-in technicality make for one end of two extremes, the other extreme being that of what the shadow insurance industry refers to as insurance claims sitting ducks. It is indeed a duck-hunting analogy which makes reference to how sitting ducks are as easy to hunt as just aiming and shooting, but what it means for an insured policy holder is that this is a claim you file which simply cannot be denied by the insurer.

Technically it can, by way of the legalities, however in practice it can’t because the payout-triggering event along with all the circumstances surrounding it falls directly in line with a classic case of the insurer having to pay out.

So how do you make sure to enjoy the benefits of an insurance claims sitting duck? Well, by “enjoy” of course I mean that relatively since nobody at all has anything to enjoy out of a situation which requires them to file an insurance payout claim.

Anyway, how you do this is make sure to prepare for it long before it actually happens, in other words you need to negotiate a policy which rightfully favours you as the consumer. All insurance policies are up for negotiation, but you’d do well to rope in a legal professional to look over the terms of your negotiated policy, which will undoubtedly coincide with how much you’re quoted by way of premiums.

If you’re not dealing with a sitting duck and you risk losing out in the claims process, some of the best Tacoma car accident lawyers available make for the perfect example of what you should deploy as your Plan B. Of course you’d have to look for lawyers in your own area, but these lawyers who offer free case evaluations and consultations would make for a great way to make sure you get compensated for a selection of mishaps which have legal and financial implications for you.

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