How can Google AdWords coupled with SEO help your online business grow?

If you’ve read something on Google AdWords, you would know that it is pretty simple. You are allowed to run ads in order to gain more revenue and leads. With Google AdWords, you will be allowed to sell more products online and you can also bring in more traffic towards your website. But hey, it is sad enough to know that it is not this straightforward as there are many other things that need to be taken care of.

Although that can be discussed later on, yet for now you need to know the benefits of Google AdWords and SEO and how they both help in growing your online business. The thought of investing your dollars on AdWords can seem to be a daunting task but the results are extremely transparent and instantaneous. Before working with an SEO company, here are few benefits of Google AdWords that you should know.

  • AdWords is swifter than SEO

The biggest benefit of Google AdWords is that it works quicker than SEO. Both Google AdWords and SEO is search engine marketing techniques which are used for generating increased leads and traffic. But an AdWords campaign which is perfectly optimized will work faster for a business to achieve the most sought-after spot in search engine result pages. With AdWords, you can focus on several keywords at a time, you can either turn on or turn off the campaign whenever you wish to and the ads which are placed at the top of the page obtain instant visibility.

  • AdWords doubles the impact of your brand image

Google Adwords, apart from increasing clicks, traffics and conversions is also an effective way of informing people about your brand image. In order to check this, Google joined hands with Ipsos to conduct a study with 12 verticals, starting from retail to automobiles. It was also discovered that search ads also uplift brand awareness by around 7%.

  • AdWords can reach out to increased customers through inbox

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in every business and this is why gmail ads can definitely be helpful. During 2015 September, Google introduced Gmail ads with Google AdWords and they made it easily accessible to advertisers and this clearly means that you can reach to increased prospects through your inbox of Gmail. The Gmail ads run both on mobiles and desktops.

  • Connects back with the users of the website

One of the biggest benefits of Google AdWords is that it can reconnect with the existing visitors of your website. There might be users who have visited each and every page of your website but they may not have taken any action. Now how are you supposed to remind them about what they should do? Here comes in the role of RLSA and display remarketing campaigns.

Therefore, if you’re still wondering about how Google AdWords management is better than SEO, consider taking into account the above mentioned benefits of AdWords.

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