How to Save Money on Auto Insurance by Utilizing Safety Technologies

Discount offers were restricted by a majority of car insurance companies till safety technologies were in place for lowering insurance claims.

Following are a few of the car safety features that may help you qualify for the much-needed insurance discount:

Anti-lock brakes

Pumping the brakes used to be a normal instruction to drivers when their vehicles were skidding. This was a usual practice as they used to gain lesser control of their car with a locked-up wheel that was already moving slowly. This situation gradually brought about significant changes and led to the eventual creation of anti-locking braking systems. These systems were initially introduced on high-end vehicles and became popular with more models during the end of the 1980s. Anti-locking systems are now among the must-haves for all vehicle manufacturers since the turn of 2012.

Daytime running lights

Headlights like daytime running lights are put on automatically once the car moves. Apart from front-corner collisions, these headlights will help protect your car from daytime head-on. Daytime running lights are offered by automakers and the standard vehicle features include these lights nowadays. Much smaller discounts are offered by a few insurers.


Airbags help in protecting yourself while you’re heading for a blow. Since the model year of 1999, it has become mandatory for all passenger vehicles to carry frontal airbags. In an attempt to meet the side protection criteria mandated by the federal government, the standard equipment constitutes side airbags. In order to safeguard passengers placed in the rear seat, curtain airbags and inflatable safety belts are featured in some vehicles. An increase in the number of airbags may raise discounts pertaining to your car insurance policy.

Automatic seatbelts

Motorized seatbelts form a great combination with manual lap belts. These belts get fastened automatically as the doors of your car get closed. These belts were primarily introduced to match the federal necessities on matching automatic restraints like that of airbags and seat belts. Both the airbags and automatic seat belts are bound to fetch the same discount from a majority of insurers since the beginning of the 1990 model year.

Electronic stability control

Electronic stability control systems help in protecting driver from losing control of their vehicle as it rolls and skids when he steers and turns sharply over slippery roads. The response of your vehicle towards the steering can well be tracked with the help of a computer and the sensors used with this technology. It helps in understanding the extent to which your car is under control while applying the brakes automatically. Ever since the beginning of the 2012 model year, all cars need these systems. You may be eligible for discounts on electronic stability control while opting for your collision coverage. If you have electronic stability control on your vehicle, then you may reduce your collision coverage claim payouts by about 15%.

Final Words

Discounts on insurance coverage mostly depend on the safety measures and the state norms. Discounts may be offered by certain insurers in some states but not on all states. You may even achieve quality discounts with car insurance covering theft items if you attach a few safety devices.  The discount percentage may vary between states. That’s why it’s important for you to check the insurance deals prior to signing up.

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