6 Steps to Compare Travel Insurance Plans

Travel insurance will certainly help you remain safe when you’re away from the home. It yields considerable support irrespective of whether you’re experiencing emergencies concerning health or baggage damages. You’re bound to come across 2 types of insurance varying in duration – multi-trip travel policy and a single-trip travel policy. The former proves more effective when you’re visiting distant locations, but if you’re going to a single destination then the former type might just be sufficient. You must ensure checking all important criteria while comparing various travel policies catering to single-trips. Calculating travel insurance cost of your trips has become much easier with so many online insurance calculators.

Compare few areas that are of great importance to any travel insurance applicant:

Reviewing coverage

As per recommendations of the U.S. travel insurance association, you must get your current home and health insurance plans reviewed. While you’re traveling, some of your medical emergencies and personal effects may be covered under these plans.

Checking various sources

If you’ve been using a credit card, you must get in touch with your credit card company. Inquire about the possibility of gaining travel insurance from them. Again, certain travel elements are even covered under complimentary travel insurance provided by few of the notable credit card companies. Check and make sure if such services are covered under your credit card. The value of all lost items may be covered under your credit card company when you book a flight and your luggage is lost in transit.

Seeking quotes

Consult at least three different travel insurance companies for obtaining their quotes. These insurance quote offered by a provider might vary from another. Chances of your achieving a cheaper plan are more when you seek more quotes.

Reading the fine print

Check to be sure whether travel insurance plans that you’ve compared yield the much-needed protection that’s not offered by your existing credit card or insurance policy. The four main categories under which you may achieve coverage are the emergency medical help, baggage cover, accidental death, and cancellation of the trip. The fine print of every plan outlines subcategories included in every category. For instance, few of the travel policies may cover dental treatments, while the rest may not.


Verifying coverage

Ensure that your preferred travel insurance policy covers for tours, excursions and incidental activities that you may opt for during the course of your trip. It certainly proves true when you indulge in physical adventures like hiking, skiing, and surfing. Few of your tour activities may be restricted with travel plans. Clarify your doubts in advance just to abide by your policy norms.

Confirming waiting periods and claims

You must inquire about claims and waiting periods. It can make a certain plan look more lucrative than others. For instance, delays in trips and loss of baggage may be reimbursed financially by some insurance policies. While some policies will settle your claims within a few days of filing your claim, others can make you wait for up to a month. Plans arrive in secondary or primary formats. For a primary plan, the financial reimbursement is often direct and immediate, while with a secondary plan, the reimbursement follows the claim as it happens with your health insurance plans. The claims process gains pace and turns smoother when the waiting period is worth a short duration.

Pricing needs to be compared if other factors seem to be equal. Factors like age have a major influence on your policy cost.

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