Getting a travel insurance for your trip to Mauritius

When traveling to somewhere far away from home, to an island where everything is exotic and different, it is a wise to get a good travel insurance to cover your back. If you ask me, no matter where you go, better be safe than sorry but when it comes down to other traveling to other continents, it is crucial. Weird skin rashes, high fever, accidents, it happens more quickly than you can imagine. I know because I have been there! What to note when buying a travel insurance? What is important for your trip to an island like Mauritius? Let’s take a closer look;

Why buy a travel insurance?

A travel insurance is one of the most important things to get for your far-away island trip. They are so many things that ‘could’ happen before or during your holiday, interfering with your travel plans. You are right, it probably won’t but if it does and the money doesn’t grow on your back, you are in deep trouble. I am a traveler myself and especially when going away to exotic destinations, unforeseen things can happen and you better be safe than sorry. A good travel insurance will reimburse you when your flight gets cancelled, your camera or smartphone breaks or gets stolen, when a family member dies and you can’t go on your trip and when you end up in need of medical care. 

What kind of travel insurance?

To find the right travel insurance for you personally, depends on what kind of holidaying you are planning. If you just want to stay on the beach, swim in the pool of your villa, walk around on markets and chill, a basic travel insurance will do. If you are planning to do things like diving, watersports or hiring a motorbike you better take some more time to find the best suitable insurance.

The basics

No matter which travel insurance you pick, they all should cover the basics which include cancellation, baggage loss, medical coverage, theft and flight insurance. Make sure your travel insurance has got a big medical coverage like $100.000. Don’t cut back on this because when you end up in hospital, a $20.000 coverage just won’t do – you will want to have peace of mind.


Most basic travel insurances don’t cover sports and adventure activities with high risk but what you can do is upgrade your basic insurance if you are planning to go diving, abseiling, hiking, jet skiing and such. If you are thinking of renting a car or a scooter, it might be wise to get coverage for damage and accidents. Be sure to bring your international driver’s license as well and when renting a motorbike – always wear your helmet and follow the safety instructions if you want your insurance to pay up when an accident occurs.

A trustable company

I would advise picking a big company with lots of good reviews to avoid a hassle. Take your time to compare and read reviews before you choose.

A worry-free holiday

So, now you are all set. You booked your plane tickets, a private pool villa to stay at, you got the right insurance for your Mauritius trip and you are up for an amazing island stay filled with relaxing and exciting activities and experiences. Enjoy!

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