8 Ways That Being Environmentally Friendly Could Also Save You Money

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There are a lot of simple ways that you can save money and save the environment all at the same time. We have put them all in a list, enjoy and happy saving!

Use cloths not napkins

Using a tea towel or dishcloth, whatever you like to call it will save you hurting the environment with kitchen roll or napkins. Save the napkins for when you have guests round and just use cloths, you can easily sling them in the wash with the rest of your washing remember!

Cook from scratch

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This trick could ensure that your food shopping bills drop dramatically! Using your own resources to grow veg makes your diet better, increases the cash in your wallet and helps the environment. This eliminates the plastic wrapping that your food comes in, therefore being kind to the environment.

Eat less meat

It may seem like something that is just impossible for all the meat lovers out there but giving up some meat (try having a meat free Monday) means that you could be really helping with the carbon emissions that are being released into the earth. Cooking a few vegetarian meals here and there could save you money as well.

Microwave when possible

When does anyone ever encourage you to use a microwave? Never, so take this encouragement and run with it. They are must more environmentally friendly than toasters and toaster ovens.

Water wise

Make sure you buy a water bottle that can be re-used or if you have to use a plastic water bottle then make sure you don’t just use it the once and throw it away, fill it up and keep using it. Tap water is drinkable, buying water all the time is a waste of money and time. Think of all the people in the world who would kill to be able to walk up to a tap and get some water that is drinkable! It takes 3 times the amount of water in a plastic bottle to create the water bottle and the water in it.

Turn the tap off…

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When you are not using the water. This is so simple and obvious it seems silly to list. But so many people leave it on when it doesn’t need to be left on. For example when you are brushing your teeth, turn it off until you need to run your toothbrush under it. Save water, save on water bills.

Take shorter showers

Related to the last point, take shorter showers. How many times do we spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes in the shower just for the sake of it? Don’t do it get washed and get out, think of how many minutes you accumulate every year over each day, wasted in the shower! Even shaving one minute off a day saves gallons of water and money on your water bills.

Change the light bulb

Next time you need a new light bulb, go for an environmentally friendly one. Energy saving bulbs work just as well and use much less electricity.

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