5 Ways To Save Money As A Couple

save money couple

They say that two is better than one, but two also costs more than the price of one. There are loads of ways to save money as a couple, here are some of our top ways to save the pennies when you are in a relationship.

Learn to have fun dates without having to spend a lot of money. Who said paying a fortune for a fancy meal meant everything? Cook a meal together, go to get ice-cream or go on a walk or bike-ride.

Try to do things together that aren’t at peak times, for example, stay in hotels during the week when they have offers on, or go for use a Tastecard when dining out to get 50% off your bill. These offers often won’t be available at the weekend.

Pay attention to your partner’s financial habits. Maybe they are great with money, but maybe they are awful and are dragging you down. If this is the case maybe you need to talk to them and work out a financial plan together.

If you are both practically living together, but still officially living separately, then what’s the point? You are just wasting a whole load of money when you may as well just bite the bullet and move in together. Share the rent and bills, if you feel like it’s necessary, draw up a plan of who will pay what, with an agreement of a notice period of leaving for if it all goes wrong.

Now this is when we get a little more serious. If you are planning on getting married, make sure you pay for everything in cash, even if it means waiting another year to be able to tie the knot. Don’t get into debt to pay for a wedding, it’s not a great way to star off married life!

Join your finances. Creating joint bank accounts for paying bills and other essentials is a good idea. Confide in each other and discuss things, so if you want to spend £100 on a new item of clothing, ask them first, it is their money and it could keep the peace in the end!

It’s a tricky world to navigate, being in a serious relationship and trying to work out how money plays a part in that. Being upfront and honest is the only way to go about it so have a conversation that bears all and get all the nasty conversations out of the way, do it at the start, do it in the middle, do it before your wedding day JUST DO IT. It will save a lot of heartache down the line and could even save your relationship.

I’m not saying that money is the most important factor in a relationship, but it certainly plays a part. Money, after all, makes the world go round and is an integral part of everyday life. The person you’re building a future with should be the person most involved in your own personal finances.

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